Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stem Cell Solution?

One of the most debated issues that have taken place during President Bush's time in the white house is that of stem cells. This debate has stretched far and wide and has reached nearly all American's in one form or another, whether being affected by the potential first hand, or becoming involved through religion or other reasons. Arguments arise not only about the effectiveness of the treatments, but also whether and how much funding the government should provide to a science which, until this week, required the "death" of an embryo. New research has brought the debate to the forefront yet again, this time with a new and unique twist.

The debate over embryonic stem cell research has typically focused on the loss of life associated with the typical extraction of stem cells. A procedure announced this week by a publicly traded company out of California, Advanced Cell Technology, hopes to avoid the question all together. The answer? The study suggests removing single cells from 2-3 day old embryos and growing them into unique stem cell lines, allowing the embryo to survive in most cases. The key reason this research is being completed is due to the lack of government funding available to stem cell processes which destroy embryos.

This process may help stem cell research reconnect with main stream . Up to this point, the use of stem sells has been associated with the loss of life, no matter how small. The use of this process may enable to science to reconnect by using a process deemed acceptable by the general public.

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