Monday, March 19, 2007

We were served up another request for a site review and we were happy to do it. Up this week is The PH stands for Paglialunga & Harris (a mouthful I know) who are a law firm specializing in serious personal injury and civil rights law. Obviously the personal injury is more pertinent to this blog so we'll focus on that.

The company specializes in cases in Seattle and Washington state. While scanning the site I found they have embraced web 2.0 and run a blog covering some major cases. Some cases they have settled or that are pending include Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch cases, medical malpractice, benzene exposure in sunscreen, a case about dangerous defibrillators.

The site, although not official legal advice, has lots to offer listing what I surmise as nearly all of their major legal cases many of which are medical related and are a good read to learn about some pressing issues in the medical world today. I highly recomend checking the law firm out as a possible legal entity if you reside in the Seattle area but a good medical law encyclopedia for others. Visit

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