Thursday, July 26, 2007

Environmental Data Solutions is the website of Environmental Date Solutions Group, LLC a company that is a leader in using information technology to optimize environmental, health, and safety performance. Founded in 1998 they have the history behind them to back their work for those weary of new companies that are new to the scene they have a history that proves their solutions work.

Their services are broad and from an outsiders perspective, confusing. All of their services are dedicated to EHS and include:

* Risk Management Planning
* Air Permitting
* Spill Prevention Planning
* Emergency Response Planning
* Chemical Inventory Management
* Audit Program Development
* Waste Management

The most interesting services to me are their compliance services which help companies that need solutions to help the company comply with government regulations. The webinar series is also a good opportunity for individuals who are unfamiliar with their services to, well, learn more about them. I think these are the best way for companies who are unfamiliar with Environment Data Solutions and what they do to become familiar with the company and understand how their solutions can help your company.

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