Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Duct Tape Doesn't Get Rid of Warts - Study

A study focusing on a popular belief that duct tape can help cure warts has found the tape is an ineffective treatment. In the test duct tape performed only slightly better than a test placebo corn pad. The test composed of just over 100 school children. Some of those who wore the "common cure" of duct tape reported discomfort, itching, and rashes most likely caused from the tapes adhesive.

The tape provides an alternative treatment to much harsher options. Other forms of wart removal include freezing the wart of in a process called cryotherapy or the chemical buring of a wart using a strong acid solution. The study's findings contradict a report published in the same publication which declared duct tape worked better than cryotherapy.

Unless further research is completed, the only effective treatments to remove warts are cryotherapy and chemical burning.

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