Monday, November 06, 2006

New Solution to Old Problem of Head Lice

We all know of head lice: The pesky bugs the terrorize moms and schoolchildren every school year. Well the reign of terror may soon be put to an end by a device called the "LouseBuster". The device dries out lice and their eggs in a half hour preventing them from reproducing. The device is a better alternative than the powerful shampoos currently employed to curb the rampant problem.

In the study nearly all of those tested had no lice present one week after the treatment. The device may be a more feasible option than the hastle of sending children home to parents once lice is detected. Instead, children could be treated at school and return to class.

The device works similar to hairdryers in that it blows heated air, although the similarities end there. The "LouceBuster" pushes twice as much air as most hair dryers and the air is not as hot. Spawned by the discovery of lice dying in dry environments, the device is expected to be around $1000. Although it seems a bit pricey, typical shampoo lice treatments cost upwards of $40. Combining increased effectiveness with its low cost the device would pay for itself in time.

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