Saturday, November 04, 2006

Surviving Hepatitis C Stops Reinfection

Those who survive Hepatitis C, the liver killing virus, appear to be protected from getting the virus again in the future. The findings came from a study of 3,500 drug users in Canada. The sharing of needles among drug users is the most common reason people contract the Hepatitis C virus. Although many of those tested still possesed the virus, those who had rid themselves of Hepatitis C appeared to protect themselves from future infection.

Despite repeated exposure to the virus, those who had previously had the virus either didn't get the virus again or got it to a lesser degree. There is a painful treatment for those who have Hepatitis C, however medical prefessionals are hesitant to give it because of their continued use of drugs. This new study however may change this. Treating and ridding those of the virus may be beneficial since their chance of reinfection and thus their capability of passing the virus on are reduced. If the findings prove true on wide use, the transmission of Hepatitis C could be severely reduced.

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