Monday, November 13, 2006

Meat Shown to Increase Breast Cancer Risk

According to a study consuming red meat may increase a woman's risk for breast cancer. The study found women who ate more than one and a half servings of red meat daily had nearly two times the risk of developing hormone related breast cancer. Those women who ate only 3 servings of meat a week or less had a much lower rate. The study was published in Monday's issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study tracked women's diets over a two decade period and focused on survey rather than experimentation. The type of breat cancer involved with the study was only those that were hormone driven and not types formed for some other reason. Those who consumed extra meat were also more likely to smoke and be overweight, but with these factors incorporated meat eaters still had a greater risk of the cancer.

The exact reason for the proposed link is unknown although it is believed to be related to the high fat content of red meat and improper portioning.

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